Covid-19: Eye on pet scheme, Rahul seeks 'NYAY' for migrants and workers

NEW DELHI: With a pandemic that threatens not only people's health and lives, but also the economy of the poor and the middle class, former President of Congress Rahul Gandhi once again he has highlighted his favorite scheme -.

In the run up to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi, who was the Congress president then, had promised a minimum income guarantee scheme (MIGS), formally called Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY), to 5 crore of the “poorest families” covering 25 crore people by assuring them a guarantee minimum income of Rs 6,000 per month or Rs 72,000 per year.

With the novel outbreak threatening to prove a disaster for the country’s economy, particularly for the poor and the middle class, Rahul Gandhi has again put NYAY at the center of his scheme of things.

While the Modi government has announced a relief package of Rs 20 lakh crore, Rahul Gandhi has called it a “package of loans” and asked the government to instead implement NYAY by putting money directly into the pockets of the people.

Rahul has warned the center of a catastrophic problem if he doesn't immediately put money in people's bank accounts.

Addressing the regional media through video conference on May 16, Rahul Gandhi said that India is in a crisis and so is everybody. Small businesses are in a crisis, farmers are in a crisis, laborers are in a crisis and it is heartbreaking to see our people, millions of our people walking on the highways with no food, no water, he said.

Rahul Gandhi also said that he did not want to make a political statement, but had serious reservations about the nature of the package that the government had announced. He wanted the government to reconsider the Rs 20 lakh crore package announced by finance minister.

The congressional leader cited an example of a boy being injured in an accident. He said the boy's parents do not give him a loan or bank credit. A mother is ready to give any food or water she has to her child and that is the spirit that the Indian government should apply, she said.

The Wayanad congressman asked the Modi government not to worry about low international ratings when making loans or what is the opinion of foreigners on the matter.

He asked the center to have faith in the small and medium-sized businesses, people, farmers and migrant workers who walked the streets. He asked the government to immediately put money in his pockets without a single thought and there is a reason for this.

Rahul Gandhi said if the government did not support the small businesses, farmers, migrant workers now, the economy would not start. If the economy did not start, the question of ratings did not arise.

So, I would like to ask the government and, with all due respect, I would like to ask the Prime Minister to think about depositing money directly into the bank accounts of our people, he said.

Rahul Gandhi broached the topic on NYAY scheme during his media interaction and asked the government to implement it albeit temporarily.

He said: “In the Congress party, we had an idea called NYAY. Do NYAY temporarily, if you don't want to do it permanently, do it temporarily. But please start putting money in small businesses, in farmers, in migrants' bank accounts, because if we don't, we will have a catastrophic result. What will come, if we don't do that, will be much worse than what we have seen. It's going to overshadow Covid's disease. So that's my main message.

Rahul Gandhi has raised the issue of putting money straight into the pocket of the needy people during his conversation with economists such as Nobel recipient and former RBI governor through video calls.

As early as March, Congress had asked the government to implement NYAY. In a series of tweets addressed to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi , said the party's main spokesman: Congress demands an aid package for farmers, a fair price for crops, debt relief and the suspension of all farmers' recoveries.

He also said: Dear Prime Minister, the need of the hour is to immediately implement mínimo the minimum income guarantee scheme (Nyay) discussed by Rahul ji and Congress. Transfer 7,500 rupees to each Jan Dhan A/C, PM Kisan A/C and each Pension A/C to exceed 21-day nutritional needs and give free PDS ration, ”he said.

With the economy of the country looking grim and the finances of the poor and middle class in doldrums due to retrenchments and salary cuts, Rahul Gandhi has once again brought in sharp focus his pet NYAY scheme.