Covid-19: Jharkhand panel of ministers seeks EMI help for middle-class families, car drivers

RANCHI: A subcommittee of four ministers, formed to formulate closure-related strategies in Jharkhand, has proposed eliminating the equivalent monthly fees (EMI) of middle-class families and car drivers.

The proposal has been sent to the Prime Minister, asking him to present it to the central government. The state-led subcommittee presented the proposal during its high-level meeting here on Monday.

During the shutdown, middle-class families face a tremendous burden. Also, car drivers are prohibited from working. Therefore, they cannot pay loans or EMI. The state government will write to the Center to forgo EMI, loans and interest rates for the closing period, Gupta said.

In addition to this, many other proposals were sent to the Prime Minister.

The subcommittee agreed to increase the number of 'Didi kitchens' at the Panchayat level, bring migrants back on trains, buses and even flights, deploy security guards in quarantine centers and provide ration to rickshaw shooters and villagers of slums, among others.