Bhubaneswar now has a Covid null active case

BHUBANESWAR: The capital city, which was granted a red zone for an outbreak in Covid cases19 in March-April, has no more active positive cases after three more recovered from the viral infection. The city had reported 50 positive cases. While two died, others fully recovered.

The state capital was the first to report any positive cases on March 15, and then continued to add the highest day of 18 cases on April 5, followed by 10 on April 3. The last three cases the city reported were on May 7. The state government continued to keep the city in the red category after the closure of the third phase, as there were still 15 active cases.

Prem Chandra Chaudhury, Commissioner of the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) said that active surveillance, monitoring, health mapping at household levels and aggressive testing coupled with strict application of social distancing helped us control the propagation. We don't have any more positive cases now, but that doesn't mean we will be complacent. There may be some cases in the later stage, since people from abroad have come, both from abroad and from the state. That is why our future course of action will be towards aggressive community awareness, he told TOI.

He also said that not only have the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) evolved for those who are currently under house quarantine in the city, but there is also an SOP for residents. We will redraw the area, as well as other relaxations and restrictions for Bhubaneswar, as the fourth phase blockade has been in place since Monday. However, markets, vegetables, fish and meat will continue to function from where they had been operating after being relocated from their original locations, ”added the commissioner.

The BMC had not created containment zones in the three locations, which had reported three cases together 10 days ago, the latest. The localities were Mancheswar, VSS Nagar and Surya Nagar.

Previously, it had removed the containment tag from three areas: Satyanagar, Bomikhal and Suryanagar for failing to report any cases for two weeks.

In total, thirteen localities here reported 50 positive Corona cases here. Localities are Bomikhal, Suryanagar, Jharpada, Satyanagar, Unit-IV, Unit-V, BJB Nagar, Badagad, Saheed Nagar, Kapila Prasad, Mancheswar, VSS Nagar and Gymkhana Palm Heights.

Suryanaagar was the first to become a containment area, followed by Bomikhal, who had the largest of 18 positive cases.