Indian worker in UAE fired over 'Islamophobic' social media posts

DUBAI: An Indian working for a mining company in the United Arab Emirates has become the latest expat to lose his job due to Islamophobic social media posts, a media report said Monday.

He was fired without notice for calling the Indian Muslims '' and for calming the Delhi riots as 'divine justice' in his Facebook posts, they reported.

Gupta, who is from Chapra, Bihar, was an employee of Stevin Rock, a city-based mining company.

This isolated incident involving a junior employee was promptly investigated and dealt with, resulting in the unannounced termination of this person's employment with Stevin Rock, the company's business exploration and development manager Jean-Francois said. Milian.

Our company policy supports the UAE government's direction in promoting tolerance and equality and vigorously renounces racism and discrimination, and we have sent communications to all our employees regardless of their religious or ethnic origin reminding them that such behavior It is unacceptable and will lead to immediate dismissal, Milian said in the report.

Three UAE-based Indians were fired or suspended from their jobs for Islamophobic posts on social media earlier this month.

On April 20, the Indian ambassador to the country had warned Indian expats against such behavior.

India and the United Arab Emirates share the value of non-discrimination for any reason. Discrimination is against our moral fabric and the rule of law. Indian citizens in the UAE must always remember this, he said in a tweet.

Last month, the Sharjah-based businessman had to apologize for unintentionally hurting religious feelings through his poem, which alluded to a Muslim religious group.

In March, the chef was fired from a restaurant in Dubai for an online threat against a student in Delhi for his views on the Citizenship Amendment Act.