UK stations implement crowd control measures

LONDON: New measures have been put in place for trains and stations in the UK amid fears that more people could use public transport to return to work in England this week, it reported on Monday.

Train companies have operated reduced services due to the pandemic, but more frequent trains were now running as people are encouraged to return to work in England, but only use public transport for essential travel when they have no other choice, he reported. the BBC.

Security guards with crowd management training will be at some stations.

Passengers could be prevented from boarding a train or entering a platform if there are already too many people.

More radical measures were being considered, such as requiring passengers to reserve slots for when they can arrive at a station.

In the future, train operators may not open the doors of certain carriages at earlier stations along a route so that people can board at a later stop and still have the necessary space to keep their distance.

One-way systems already existed at stations, such as Clapham Junction in the southwest London , to ensure that social distancing is possible, the BBC report said.

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The government asked the president of to create a plan to manage the flow of passengers.

Stations have been reorganized, signs have been installed and space can be made outside to queue in case entrances and exits are closed.

Hendy, who is one of the most respected and experienced figures on the railways, said he was sure enough work had been done before Monday's increase in services, so the stations were in a better place.