Ahmedabad: horror videos expose negligence in hospital

AHMEDABAD: A video purportedly shows a dead woman on the toilet in the kidney room of the newly established Covid-19 hospital at the IKDRC hospital on campus in the Asarwa area, appeared Sunday with local groups alleging part insensitivity of the hospital. authority.

In addition to this video of an unknown middle-aged woman, a video also appeared showing another elderly woman suffering from diarrhea lying in a pool of blood in her bed. This woman succumbed to Covid-19 on Sunday afternoon and her family was still struggling to retrieve her body.

Khadia-Jamalpur MLA, Imran Khedawala, who sent the video he received from another patient in the hospital, said: “The woman had gone to the bathroom and did not come out even after four hours. One of my friends, whose relative was admitted to the Corona hospital, called me and reported this apprehension that the woman could have died.

He added: I called the carriers from the hospital office who went there and found her body in the toilet. This is a horrible death occurred only because of the insensitivity of the Civil Hospital authorities. One patient went to the bathroom and she did not go out for four hours, and they did not even care what happened to her.

Apart from this, an elderly Shakri Patni, 58, was seen bleeding in another video. Her son Naresh Patni, a railroad employee, and her husband Shankar Patni, 63, along with two other family members were diagnosed as Corona positive and admitted to the Civil Hospital on April 24.

Shankar died on April 25. Naresh and two other family members were discharged after Covid-19's recovery, but Naresh's mother was still admitted due to her worsening condition.

“We were taking care of her and on Saturday night we discovered that she had been lying in blood for three hours. On Sunday, we learned that she died around 1 p.m., but we didn't get her body even after eight hours, ”said Naresh.