Virat Kohli praises Cristiano Ronaldo's 'beast mentality'

NEW DELHI: India Cricket team captain Virat Kohli on Sunday he expressed his admiration for the Portuguese football great Cristiano Ronaldo , saying that the latter has a beast mentality.

Kohli joined Indian football team captain Sunil Chhetri on an Instagram Live video session where both the athletes talked on a range of topics. During the interaction, Chhetri asked Kohli to name "one non- Cricket playing athlete who makes your jaw drop when you watch his or her live performance."

" Cristiano Ronaldo ," Kohli replied. "Let me explain. There are many great athletes and there are people who you look up to (and) there are people who play in a manner that is amazing; but to turn up for big matches that regularly, Cristiano stands out."

The Indian skipper also recalled the Champions League match between Juventus and Atlético de Madrid, where Ronaldo scored a hat-trick to cross it.

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In the 2018-19 season of the Champions League, Juventus were trailing 2-0 after the first leg against Atletico Madrid. However, in the second leg, the 35-year-old scored a hat trick to hand Juventus a 3-0 victory.

What stood out was he went to Juventus and it was a Champions League match against Atletico Madrid. They lost 2-0 (in the first leg). For a guy to say two days prior to the game, all his friends who come into the game, it is going to be a special night. The conviction for that guy to say that we (Juventus) are going to go through and score a hat-trick and take them through, that to me is a beast mentality, Kohli said.