BFI Introduces 'COVID-19 Special Insurance Coverage' for National Campers

NEW DELHI: The Boxing Federation of India 's (BFI) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Guidelines for National Training camps include a special 'COVID-19 sure cover 'for all campers.

All boxers, trainers, and support personnel must be insured according to camp rules for medical emergencies and accidents. A special COVID-19 sure cover to be added for all campers," reads the SOP.

The guidelines also state that all the boxers returning to national coaching camps will be tested at the entrance for coronavirus and will be quarantined.

However, the duration of the self-quarantine will vary depending on which area athlete has arrived. Athletes in the green/orange zone will be quarantined for five days, while boxers in the red zone will be quarantined for 14 days prior to the start of training.

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Furthermore, no national camper may leave the campus until the situation returns to normal. In the event that said camper leaves campus and wants to return, then he/she must be tested again at the gate followed by self-quarantine, according to the SOP.

The training of boxers will be initiated in small groups of three or four at a given time and high-intensity workout will be discouraged till the situation normalises as high-intensity training may give rise to relative immunosuppression window of 72 hours where such athlete may be susceptible to viral and bacterial infections thus further suppressing the immune system.

All the equipment used will be disinfected daily after use and the rules for social distancing will be followed.