Will issue guidelines for 4.0 lockout after MHA plan: Goa CM

PANAJI: The Prime Minister said on Sunday that the guidelines will be issued on Monday. He said his government would issue guidelines after the Union's internal affairs ministry does. The CM also said that some relaxations can be given for this extension of the blockade.

Sawant said that in the case of trucks entering the state with essential products from the red zones, drivers will be evaluated at the border. He said he has spoken to Union ministers on the matter.

The CM said that people in the state do not need to panic, but they must be vigilant. He added that Goa is the only state in the country that evaluates each person who enters its borders.

Meanwhile, Sawant said that you shouldn't create unnecessary panic about the next one. Don't fool people about exams, he said. Many parents feel that the board examination should be done.