Delhi Police ACP Deployed to Rashtrapati Bhawan Tests for Coronavirus

NEW DELHI: A 58-year-old from Delhi posted in Rashtrapati Bhawan tested positive for the coronavirus, after which five members of the police were quarantined, officials said Sunday.

The ACP was posted in, away from the central Rashtrapati Bhawan area, which comprises the president's residential facilities, they said.

On May 13, the Assistant Commissioner of Police was tested and isolated. Five other staff members who came into contact with him were also quarantined as a precaution, police officials said.

They informed us of their reports today. He has tested positive for the virus but is asymptomatic. He has been in isolation since May 13 and has been admitted to a private hospital, a senior police officer said.

The ACP was responsible for the deployment of tasks, administration and personnel management within the Rashtrapati Bhawan facilities, he said.