'Never again': Harbhajan, Yuvraj regret asking for help from Afridi foundation

NEW DELHI: an angry Harbhajan Singh called Shahid Afridi unworthy of their friendship while Yuvraj Singh He regretted his request for assistance to the Pakistani player's charity, both former players from India expressed disappointment at their comments against India.

Last month, Harbhajan and Yuvraj had posted videos in support of 'Shahid Afridi Foundation' which was raising funds for the underprivileged affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

It was Afridi who asked Yuvi and me to make a video in support of his foundation, since the spread of the pandemic does not see religion or borders. But then he made comments over and over against India, Harbhajan said Sunday.

"I feel terrible that I even called him a friend. He is not a worthy human being who can be called a friend. I am done with calling Afridi a friend," he added.

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[email protected]'[email protected]nwhohasplayedforthecountry,iwillneveracceptsuchwords.iappealedtoyourordersforthegoodofhumanity.butneveragain,hesaid.

Afridi accused the prime minister Narendra Modi of committing religious atrocities in India in a video that has gone viral on social media.

Do you feel that supporting the Afridi NGO was an error of judgment considering the sensitive nature of the Indo-Pak relationship? Harbhajan replied: The intention was to support a good cause. But then I hear that he makes unpleasant statements about my country. Here I try to support him despite being brutally trolled and then he shows our class.

When asked if trolling affected him, Harbbhajan said No, I won't say it affected me because these are people who don't matter in my life. I know the type of person I am. I don't need to show my love for my country.

Yes, I understand a point. If this had been a charity for Wasim akram And if he had posted a video to support it, he would not have been criticized or trolled. Because, Akram never insulted my country.

So no one would have bothered. But here is a person who asked for support for a cause and then gives us a conference about our country that talks more about him than I do.

Do you want Afridi to know your opinion on recent comments? Harbhajan said: Jis gali jaana hello nake uske mein sochna hello kyun (if I'm not going to follow that path why should I bother thinking about it?)