Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu extend the blockade until May 31

MUMBAI/CHENNAI: Governments and Sunday announced the extension until May 31. The current closing was valid from May 2 to 17.

Maharashtra is the most affected state in the country with up to 30,706 Covid-19 cases, while Tamil Nadu is the third most affected state with more than 10,500 cases.

Lockdown 3.0 ends today. Lockdown 4.0 will take effect tomorrow and will be valid until May 31. There will be some relaxations in the fourth phase, the Maharashtra government said in an order.

The phase-calibrated relaxation/lift of the closing orders will be notified in due course, the order said.

Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu Prime Minister K Palaniswami also announced the extension of confinement in the state with further relaxations, such as the resumption of intra-district transportation in 25 districts after a parenthesis of nearly two months.

In 12 other districts, including Chennai, there will be no change in curves and they will continue as they existed during the third phase of closure, which will end on Sunday, he added.

Citing consultations with senior officials, public health experts and doctors, Palaniswami said the closure runs until May 31 and that restrictions including banning the operation of educational institutions, public entry into religious sites and relaxations already in force will continue throughout the state.

Punjab and Mizoram have already extended the blockade in their respective states until May 31. The third phase of the blockade is scheduled to end today and the Center is likely to issue new guidelines for the 4.0 blockade shortly.

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