Annoyed by the closure, the businessman tries to commit suicide in the Telangana CM camp office

HYDERABAD: Annoyed by the closure, a shoe store owner attempted to commit suicide in front of Telangana's chief minister on Sunday afternoon. However, the alert police officers quickly intercepted him and prevented him from committing suicide.

The businessman who attempted suicide was Mohammed Nazeeruddin, 42, from Malakpet. According to Punjagutta police, he arrived in Punjagutta around 2.30pm on his bicycle. Nazeeruddin made his way to the Monappa circle on his bicycle and parked the vehicle near Yes Bank. Before leaving his home, Nazeeruddin took half a liter of gasoline from his bike's fuel tank and filled it in a plastic bottle, Punjagutta M Niranjan Reddy inspector said.

After parking the two-wheeled vehicle near Yes Bank, Nazeeruddin picked up the bottle of gasoline and started walking towards Pragathi Bhavan. After approaching the RTC bus stop, Nazeeruddin sprayed half a liter of gasoline into the bottle on himself. The police team at the security post near Pragathi Bhavan saw and intercepted him. The staff removed the matchbox from his hand and sprayed it with water. Nazeeruddin was detained and taken to the police station for consultation, the inspector said.

During the interrogation, Nazeeruddin said that for two months he could not win a single country due to the lockout and ended in serious financial problems. It has been closed for two months. There has been no business. I have to give people money. I have to pay the rent. I have taken a loan and I have to pay it back. My mind doesn't work. I am very upset, Nazeeruddin said.

Nazeeruddin told police that it was difficult for him to feed his family. During our investigation, it emerged that Nazeeddin suffered losses in the shoe business. He has to pay almost 20 lakh rupees to a private investment fund company and recently received legal notices from the investment fund company. We suspect that it could be a reason for the suicide attempt. We have informed your family members about the incident. A suicide attempt case was registered under section 309 of the IPC and after counseling we have turned it over to the family, the inspector said.