7 Pakistani immigrants test positive for Covid-19 in Jodhpur: NGO

JODHPUR: Seven, including four women, residing in Jodhpur have tested positive for Covid-19 in the past three days, an NGO (UJAS) said on Sunday. These seven Hindu immigrants, all of whom obtained Indian citizenship, were admitted to a hospital and their relatives were institutionally quarantined in Kuri, an NGO volunteer said.

Around 15,000 Pakistani immigrants reside in Jodhpur. Of these 8,000 have not yet obtained citizenship, said UJAS, which works for Pakistani Hindu immigrants.

They adhered to the closing rules and were taking all precautionary measures. Hand sanitizers and soaps were distributed among them and they were ordered to wear masks, he said, adding that since they live in clustered settlements, strict social distancing was practically not possible for them, but they tried to adhere to it whenever it was. possible.

In addition to this, doctors provided guidance and consultation from time to time to take all precautions. Because of this, not a single case of Covid-19 was reported, at least among non-citizens, Suthar said.

Most of these people are engaged in stone carving and the craft industry as daily bets and the forced crash by the coronavirus has hit them hard.

Initially, NGOs like UJAS and Seemant Lok Sangthan organized ration kits for them. Later, they started receiving government aid.

But we are not sure if this government aid will continue after the blockade is lifted, as these people would need time to get a job after industries resume operations, Suthar said.