Premier League players won't be in shape until late June: Steve Bruce

Newcastle United manager Steve Bruce warned that players won't be ready for competitive action until the end of June when the Premier league looking to restart the season next month.

The league has been suspended since mid-March, but its plans to resume received a boost when the government last week said it was opening the door for the sport to return.

Another meeting is planned for Monday to discuss the security measures necessary for the project to restart, and Bruce said the players need at least six weeks to get in shape.

You have to remember that they've had eight weeks off and that's probably the longest rest some of these players have had in their careers, Bruce told the Sunday Telegraph.

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If we were doing preseason, we would have six weeks and probably six friendly games to prepare them for the first league game.

We need enough preparation time to get these players in shape or they will just fall like a pack of cards. Most managers have the same concerns ... I don't see how we can play until the back end of June.

Watford manager Nigel Pearson warned that players lives could be in danger if the Premier league returns too soon.

Newcastle defender Danny Rose He also expressed his concern, saying that the health of the players was more important than restarting the season.

I've talked to him (Rose) and he'll be back, too, Bruce said. I don't think there is a footballer who has done more for the NHS throughout this than Danny.

If a player refuses to enter or play, I have sympathy for that and would understand. We must respect everyone's personal points of view.