Virat Kohli doppelganger leaves Mohammad Amir baffled

NEW DELHI: action or non-action, Virat Kohli It is often in the news and this time the reason behind the name of the Indian skipper making the rounds on social media is the fast bowler from Pakistan. Mohammad amir .

Amir turned to Twitter to post a photo of Kohli's character from a popular Turkish TV series 'Dirilis: Ertugrul', saying: @imVkohli brother, are you confused ?, Posting a photo with a laughing emoji.

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The man in the photo is Cavit Çetin Güner, a Turkish actor.

On Friday, Kohli was seen circling an open area in his social complex after the news of BCCI allowing for outdoor training emerged.

Earlier, BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal He confirmed that the board is looking for options for players to begin outdoor skill-based training after May 18, when the third phase of the block ends.