Uttar Pradesh: Trapped policemen loading migrants into a truck, covering the vehicle with tarp

AGRA: Contrary to orders from the UP government that has allowed the movement of migrants across the state only on authorized buses, a Mathura The police team was caught Saturday loading workers into a private for their onward journey and then covering the rear of the vehicle with tarps, essentially masking the men, women and children inside it.

SSP (Mathura) denied these claims though one of the migrant workers inside, someone by the name of Shivani, can clearly be heard in a video that later in the day made it to social media saying that they were made to sit in the truck by the cops. The policemen asked me to sit in the truck to go further and not walk on foot, she said.

Another migrant worker said police officers advised them to board the truck now and switch to any other vehicle on the road later. Several migrant workers were in the truck that had a Haryana registration number.

Police officers present at the scene refused to speak to the media and said they should speak to district administration about it.

SSP Grover told TOI that the migrant workers were seen inside the truck during a checkup near the Jait police station. So they were being taken in the same truck from the Jait area to Kosi, where buses had been arranged for transportation to their respective districts, as there was no other vehicle available, he said. However, he added that an FIR has been filed against the truck owner under section 269 (negligent act likely to spread infection from a life-threatening disease), 270 (malicious act likely to spread infection), and 188 (disobedience). to public order server) of IPC in Vrindavan police station.

A total of 19 trucks were seized by police on Saturday when they were caught transporting migrant workers illegally. FIRs have been filed against everyone.

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