Series A clubs return to group training on Monday, but the restart date is still unclear.

Soccer clubs in Italy's top flight can resume full training starting May 18, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte he said Saturday as part of further relaxation of the restrictions of one of the strictest in the world coronavirus running of the bulls

A series He has been suspended since March 9 and a date has not yet been set for the season to start again, although the players have returned to individual training in compliance with the rules of social distancing.

Italy was the first European country to be seriously affected by the coronavirus crisis while A series was the first league to play matches without spectators and the first major league to suspend play.

Conte confirmed that football clubs would return to training on Monday along with other sports teams but could not give any details about when A series would resume.

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On Saturday, Germany 's Bundesliga It became the first major European league to restart since the COVID-19 pandemic destroyed the world sports calendar.

"There are so many pressures to re-start A series but it is necessary that the highest safety conditions are in place," Conte added.

To give a precise date, we need to have more guarantees than we have at the moment, but from what I have been told, we have not had them yet.

Juventus were leading the A series standings by one point over second-placed Lazio with 12 games remaining when the season was halted in March.

Italy has the third-highest death toll from coronavirus in the world although its daily tally on Saturday fell to 153, the lowest since March 9.