The Northeast has fared better than most regions of India in tackling Covid-19, says Jitendra Singh

NEW DELHI: Minister of State for Development of the North-Eastern Region Jitendra Singh Held a meeting with the state's top secretaries on Covid-19, via video conference, on Saturday.

Singh said the Northeast has fared better than most other regions of India in addressing COVID-19 and that under the leadership of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi , the Northeast has become a model of development.

The minister also said that in the last six weeks, the northeast has emerged as a model of crown management and that it was possible due to the first preventive steps taken by the Modi government and the cooperation of the people of the region. '

To a great extent the disciplined and civilized manner in which the people there cooperated both in social distancing and following the guidelines; people came out with very innovative ways of maintaining social distancing. It was there that people started putting those white rounds while standing in the queues, said Jitendra Singh.

Since the summer began, they've started using makeshift umbrellas to stand in line to beat the summer heat, and I'm sure other parts of the country will follow suit, too. People in the region have been much more receptive and hospitable to those who come from outside, Singh added.

The minister assured that supplies were available in adequate quantities and that there was no shortage despite topographical and geographical limitations. He also appreciated the government's decision to guarantee the early closure of all borders.

Singh reported that one village established some 18 makeshift quarantine shelters so that people could remain segregated without antagonizing those who return.

State governments have been cooperative; I must appreciate the DoNER Ministry and the Northeast Council. We have a headquarters in Shillong, which was converted into a control room. We have been coordinating with all the state governments on a daily basis, the Chief Ministers also, almost every day, he said.

As part of the sequence, today we were also interacting with the chief secretaries of the eight states and our helpline or our group that we have created is available 24 hours so that we can coordinate, he added.

Singh also said that steps are being taken for people to benefit from the Rs 20 lakh crore package, the largest ever announced by the prime minister, which has created a lot of enthusiasm, hope and optimism among people in the northeast.