Cricket fans get Fitket to stay in shape, they can also win FitBucks

CHENNAI: The current Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone. Staying at home has meant that many are experiencing what is popularly known as the battle of the bulge. Fitket , a new mobile application, will help control everyone's physical condition.

Cricket is the heart of the app but fitness is the soul, says Kountinya Sai, founder&ceooffitket.

“Lack of physical fitness among young people is a serious concern today. With a focus on academics and device temptation, young children in the 10-18 age group teeter toward health and fitness issues. And this is something that we want to change. We want to create a vibrant community of young cricket lovers and steer them in the right direction, he added.

Fitket’s recent launch with Mithali raj , its brand ambassador, has got a lot of traction. The skipper of Indian women’s ODI team anchored the ‘Fitness with Mithali’ series on Fitket and that was well received as several cricketers and celebrities have joined the effort.

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The application will initially be available to download in the Google Play Store for all Android devices. The iOS version will also be available soon.

In its bid to help fight the corona crisis, Fitket has partnered with Give India. We will be donating Rs 10 lakh to Give India, on behalf of the first 100,000 users who download the app, said Sai.

The app's DNA is about taking charge, either personally or helping a bigger cause. And of course everything is personalized to cricket fans .

At Fitket, our goal is to create a platform for users to learn, earn, share, save and spend while living in harmony with their community, Sai explained. This is why the app, while offering a plethora of healthy activities to do, cricketing trivia, match and player updates, online merchandise, exercises, etc., also connects its young users to charities that they can choose to support.

At the heart of the mobile app is an AI-powered, gamified custom push motor that makes it easy and fun to achieve exercise goals and perform household chores. In return, users earn FitBucks that can be used to redeem on a range of exclusive products. Users have the option to convert their earnings to Karma Coins that will be used to donate to charities of their choice.