Ahmedabad: 700 'super spreaders' found positive coronavirus in one week

AHMEDABAD: At least 700 tested positive in Ahmedabad in a mass examination of vegetable vendors and merchants conducted a week after authorities ordered the closure of stores, except those selling milk and medicine, between May 7 and 14 said a senior bureaucrat on Saturday. Super propagators are potential carriers of the viral infection that could infect large numbers of people who come into contact.

They could be vegetable vendors, grocery and milk store owners, gasoline pump managers, or garbage collectors who, by the nature of their work, are at risk of contracting and spreading the viral infection.

About 33,500 super spreaders were examined and 12,500 (of them) underwent tests for coronavirus infection during the past week. Of these, 700 tested positive and were isolated, said additional chief secretary Rajiv Gupta, who has been appointed to oversee related work in Ahmedabad.

Stores selling essentials reopened as of May 15 under certain conditions in Ahmedabad that had been under a total closure since May 7.

Although grocery stores and vegetable vendors were allowed to resume their activities starting May 15, provided they carried health screening cards, at least 700 'super spreaders' were isolated after around 12,500 People underwent tests for coornavirus infection in a week-long exercise, a senior official said.

Before that, about 350 super spreaders were found to have contracted the viral infection in a campaign launched on April 20.

Gupta said massive screening was done to ensure that the viral infection cannot be transmitted from the super spreaders.

He appealed to citizens to buy only from vendors or merchants who carry health screening cards.

These 'super spreaders' will have to renew their cards after 14 days, he said.

Gupta also said that the situation was normalizing on the supply front of essential products, including groceries and vegetables. He said these items are supplied in large quantities after a week's close was lifted on Friday.

Grocery stores and fruit and vegetable vendors can operate their businesses between 8 am and 3 pm.

In addition, the AMC also allowed stores to remain open for a few hours in ten containment areas in the city.

Ahmedabad reported 7,044 positive coronavirus cases and 473 deaths, according to data available on May 15 at night.

The number of active cases is 4,260 and the number of graduates is 2,311. KA PD NSK NSK