Farmers as food warriors accuse union government of cheating on aid package, protested debt relief

BATHINDA: The agricultural organization across the country, which called the economy announced to farmers on Friday a simple eyewash with only a small benefit in a real sense, has accused the union government of ignoring the role of counting warriors. fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. . The Punjab 10-farm organization operating under the banner of the entire India Kisan Sangharsh Coordinating Committee (AIKSCC) appointed the nation's farmers who in order to feed the country continued to work even during the shutdown. On Saturday, agricultural organizations observed the day as kisan samaan diwas (farmer's day of honor) and held protests in 17 districts of the state, in some places even the effigies of the union government were burned.

Farmers stated that they were impoverished and indebted while migrant workers were stranded. Farmers wanted the debt exemption as the exemption granted to companies and have shown anger at the denial of the loan exemption.

The second tranche of the stimulus outside the Rs package. 20 lakh crore, the union finance minister announced a package for 2.5 million farmers with a 2% interest subsidy equivalent to a relief of only 4,000 rupees. It is also unclear whether the 2% interest grant is higher than or should replace the 3% interest grant that has already been awarded. While corporate loans worth Rs 68.6 billion have just been given up by the union government, the similar exercise has been rejected by farmers. The allocation of Rs 30,000 crore for capital investments is only Rs 2,542 per grower (with a total of 11.8 crore growers). The announcement is just an old welfare fund and the loans are part of the easing of the RBI's monetary policy, which no country sees as a relief to the people, said secretary general of the BKU agricultural organization Ekta Dakonda.

There was no scientific reason to block rural India and agricultural fields from propagation, as open spaces are the safe areas to avoid. Only protective measures such as masks and spacing should have been applied, which was not done at first when crop care was in its final stages and the harvest suffered greatly, he said.

Farmers and workers demand exemption from all loans for farm workers and peasants, an immediate statement that old Kisan credit cards are voided and should issue new credit cards for the planting of kharif without interest, organizations said. farmers.