Kerala: Domestic quarantine to continue despite central government dictation, says CM Pinarayi Vijayan

KOCHI: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said Friday that the state had established a model for the entire country in domestic quarantine. An effective household system had controlled the spread of the disease in the state and there is no confusion about it.

This has also been communicated to the Center; Discussions continue to continue the successful model established by the state. We could prevent the spread of the community with the successful home quarantine and we are sure to succeed if we continue, he said, reacting. to the insistence of the Center in the institutional quarantine of 14 days for those who come from abroad.

Meanwhile, the state reported 16 more cases of Covid-19 on Friday. Seven of them came from abroad, four from Tamil Nadu and two from Mumbai. The remaining three people were infected by contact.

The prime minister said there will be no more red zones in the state, but only containment zones. There will not be a total closure of the districts as before and only the containment zones will see closings later.

Vijayan said 48,287 people are now in home quarantine and that there is an effective monitoring mechanism. Up to 65 cases have been registered for violation of quarantine rules, he said.

There are signs that the virus is spreading through contacts, especially in Wayanad, now and there is no other way than to strengthen precautions such as social distancing, he said. No one in quarantine can get out. Strict measures will be taken against those who violate it. It has been decided to deploy more police brigades in areas where people are in quarantine, he said.

Wayanad, with five cases a day, is becoming another hotspot in the state with 19 active cases. The remaining cases on Friday were Malappuram (four), Kozhikode, Alappuzha (two each), Kollam, Palakkad and Kasaragod (one each).

No full district closure now

There will not be a total closure of the districts as before and only the containment zones will see closings later. The government will review the holidays for government offices on Saturdays, while the full closure on Sundays will continue. Hairdressers and beauty salons will be allowed to open for cleaning purposes.

Of the 576 cases reported to date, 80 are under treatment. Up to 311 people came from abroad, 70 people came from other states, eight were foreigners and 187 contracted the virus by contact.

A total of 48,825 people are under surveillance in the state, of whom 538 are admitted to designated isolation facilities. To date, 42,201 samples (including augmented samples) have been sent for testing, of which 40,639 were negative. Of the 4,630 samples taken from priority groups as part of sentinel surveillance, 4,424 were negative.