States with the highest death rates also have the highest population

NEW DELHI: The top eight states with high mortality rates are also the ones with the highest population (six million rupees and more), with the exception of Telangana, which has a population of 3.69 million rupees but ranks seventh on the list, just above UP.

West Bengal, with a population of Rs 9.45 million and confirmed cases of Rs 2,377, has the highest mortality rate of over 9%. Gujarat, MP, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Telangana and UP follow, in that order.

Although UP has the highest population among all states of Rs 22.26 million, it has one of the lowest mortality rates, 2.25%, with only 3,902 confirmed cases and 88 deaths. India reported 82,264 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 2,649 deceased until May 14.

Bihar, with a population of 10.54 crore, has reported 1,005 confirmed cases so far and seven deceased with fatality rate of 0.69%. , with a population of 6.98 crore and 9,674 confirmed cases, has a fatality rate of 0.68% with 66 deceased .

Delhi has reported 115 deceased out of 8,470 confirmed cases. Though it has a fatality rate of 1.35%, Delhi ranks fourth, after Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, in the number of confirmed cases.

India has a low case fatality rate of 3.22%, lower than China which has reported 84,024 confirmed cases and 4,637 deceased with a fatality rate of 5.5% and Japan where the confirmed cases stand at 16,049 and deceased at 678 with a fatality rate of 4.2%. South Korea has reported 10,991 cases and 260 deceased with a fatality rate of 2.4%.

France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden have a case fatality rate of 12-16%.