Vera implements the traveler tracking system for T

Hyderabad: Smart Healthcare, a city-based startup, said on Friday that it launched a 'Traveler System' (TTS) to detect people for Covid-19 at railway stations, bus stations and Hyderabad Airport and soon It will cover all of the district's entry borders to Telangana to track and monitor coronavirus contacts.

Recently, the company started iMASQ (Intelligent Monitoring Analysis Services Quarantine) with Artificial Intelligence services for 19 surveillance in containment areas. The startup is doing this in collaboration with the Telangana government as part of an effective public health management strategy.

“The TTS deployment started earlier this week at the Secunderabad railway station, where 500 commuters get off each day. TTS examines all travelers, records their travel history, symptoms, positive contacts, if any, address. All of this information is geo-tagged and shared with district administration as well as with relevant police stations to allow the traveler to be home quarantined if no symptoms are found, or to immediately hospitalize the person if symptoms are detected, Vera said .

Dharma Teja Nukarapu, Founder and CEO of Vera Smart HealthCare, said: This is a real-time solution for dealing with life treatment conditions, limited medical access and very difficult regions.