Vijender Singh: I am using the lock to teach my son gardening, hoping he will pick it up

Boxer Vijender Singh has been at his home in Delhi for the past two months, since emergency shutdown it started. the Olympic medalist and current WBO Asia-Pacific champion says this is the longest time he has been home at one time in his two-decade boxing career. “It was a good rest. Itna sukoon kabhi raha nahi hai saalon mein , he says.

The break allowed Vijender to spend more time at home with his children. I have spent more time with them and we are all happy with that. Previously, it used to be all about fighting and traveling, so I had little time at home. But now that I'm home, we're getting together, she shares. To strengthen that bond, the boxer introduces his oldest son Abir to activities he enjoyed as a child. He says: I am teaching you gardening. Mujhe shauq hai gardening ka and I’m hoping he picks that up. I grew up in the village where we used to work in the fields and had big gardens and farms. I’m used to being around greenery and doing manual labour in the garden, and I want him to have the same connect with his roots. We don’t want him to forget where he comes from, just because he’s living in the big city. The emergency shutdown has given me a chance to ensure I can introduce him to that way of life.”

Vijender has also been ensuring he maintains his fitness under emergency shutdown , something that is essential for his career. He says, “Workout never stops. I’m continuing with my conditioning, and I regularly shoot videos for some clients. That keeps me occupied for a large part of the day. Workout is easy, but shooting it just how they want is tricky.”

And when he is not gardening or shooting videos, Vijender is in front of the TV. He says, “I’ve been catching up on old Amitabh Bachchan movies. In fact, I’ve seen 'Don' multiple times in the emergency shutdown . I even tweeted to Bachchan sahab , who was kind enough to respond. The 34-year-old man also discovered a love for video games. I love being on Playstation. I have spent time playing Uncharted 3. This is all the sports activity I am doing. Ghar pe baithe aur kya karein abb , he laughs.

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While he has a comfortable life at home in the emergency shutdown , Vijender realises how hard it is for many people. “It has been tough for many. We keep seeing the news and hear stories, too. I’ve tried to help people in whatever way I can,” he says, adding, “I want to give just one piece of advice to everyone – believe in God or have faith in something. That’ll give you strength to overcome tough times. I’ve practised this so I know what I’m talking about. Faith helps us get through tough times.”