Sarfaraz Khan distributes food packages to migrant workers in the native UP

MUMBAI: Young hitter from Mumbai Sarfaraz Khan , who had a dreamy national season last year, is playing good Samaritan during the ongoing national blockade by distributing food packages to migrants workers .

Sarfaraz, his younger brother Mushir, and his father and coach Naushad are distributing the food packages in their hometown in Azamgarh District of Uttar Pradesh to the migrant workers , who are travelling back to their respective homes.

Sarfaraz, who plays for Mumbai on the domestic circuit, is trapped in his hometown.

"When we used to go to the market, we used to see scores of people travelling on the roads. And hence we decide to help them. It was my father's idea to help the migrant workers ," Sarfaraz told PTI.

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Dijo que los muchachos locales of la aldea también lo están ayudando a él y a su familia en su esfuerzo.

Su padre Naushad dijo que hasta ahora podían distribuir alrededor of 1,000 paquetes of comida. Cada paquete tiene una manzana, plátano, pastel, galletas y una botella of agua.

Sarfaraz has represented India at the U-19 level and has been a common name in the Indian Premier League .