The city of Dortmund prepares to resume the Bundesliga

DORTMUND: Fans preparing to follow the action in the first professional of the first level soccer The league will resume after the COVID-19 crash must be prepared to keep its distance or risk future matches being canceled, the mayor of Dortmund said.

The German Bundesliga will resume on Saturday with Borussia Dortmund facing rival Schalke 04, a local derby to be played in an empty stadium to minimize the risk of infection.

The game will be played with unprecedented precautions, including a strong police presence outside the stadium, where authorities expect fans to gather even if they are unable to enter.

Another concern is that anti-blockade protesters who gathered in many German cities last weekend will use the game as an excuse to stage a clash, a possibility for which city Mayor Ullrich Sierau these authorities were prepared.

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We will not allow the derby to be used for any political upheaval, he said at a press conference on Friday. If that means that a person does not die from the virus, we will gladly do so without the next game.

Police will be prepared to intervene to prevent things from spiraling out of the stadium, Dortmund Police Chief Gregor Lange said.

"The soccer fans have a chance to prove that the decision to resume playing wasn't a mistake," he said.

A total of 321 people will be allowed inside Dortmund's Westfalenstadion. The substitutes will sit far apart, and the players of each team will be divided between two different changing rooms to maximize social distance.

Even so, many have been critical of the decision to resume soccer so soon, with Karl Lauterbach , a Social Democratic lawmaker who is also a professor of epidemiology, said the decision to do so was driven by a desire for money.

Las reglas de higiene no son en absoluto convincentes: pone en peligro a los jugadores y es un mal ejemplo para los ciudadanos, said. Creo que esta decisión fue impulsada por la presión económica sobre los clubes, especialmente por los derechos de televisión.