Thane: Nine of the Covid-19 family test positive after death of an infected relative

THAANE: Nine family members tested positive in Ulhasnagar Township on Friday, a week after one of their relatives died and were later found to be infected, an official said. According to the official, after the victim's body was released to family members, they had performed rituals after removing the plastic sheets that wrapped him, following instructions from medical authorities.

A member of this 50-year-old family died on May 8. A day later, he tested positive for the infection, (UMC) spokesman Yuvraj Badhane said.

The victim's family members pledged to the hospital to strictly follow all guidelines during the cremation. The body, which was wrapped in plastic sheeting, was handed over to them. They were asked not to discover it, he said. .

However, after taking the body home, family members removed the plastic sheets and performed death-related rituals on the body, including bathing, Badhane said.

Later, about 70 people attended his funeral, he said.

When the civic authorities found out, they tracked down those who had attended the funeral.

A test was performed on all of them. Nine members of the deceased's family tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday. They have been isolated and treated, the official said.

Civic officials said the rest of the contacts were quarantined.

As family members and others acted against the instructions and did not follow the rules, the process to register a case against them continues, a civic official said.

So far, 89 people, including 10 from this family, have tested positive for Covid-19 in Ulhasnagar, where the number of deaths from the infection so far is four, authorities said.