MP: The man throws 'play-rickshaw' for 600 kms with 3 children, wife and nephew to get home

BHOPAL: A man took out a '' play-rickshaw '' and rowed him from Delhi to Chattarpur with his three young children, a nephew and wife to get home on Thursday night. In his determination to reach his hometown after the Covid-19-related exodus, he placed a garbage truck with a bicycle to create one.

Vrindavan Ahirwar, a worker, rowed the rickshaw while everyone else sat behind to cover about 600 km in 5 days to reach the town of Mawaiya, a small Dalit village in the Tehesil of Harpalpur.

Working as a labourer at a construction site of Delhi, Vrindavan , 28, was rendered jobless after the lockdown. After many days of joblessness and no relief in the sight and absence of affordable mode of travel to reach home, the man decided work on a rickshaw that could take all his family persons comfortably back home. His family includes wife Gita, a six-year-old daughter and two children less than 3 years of age. About 8-year-old nephew somehow managed to tag along on the edge of the jugad-machine.

Vrindavan said, “with a little knowledge of fabrication, I collected some rickshaw parts from a junk dealer, attached them with a cart used for throwing garbage. This assembly was attached with a cycle to forge a tri-cycle. ”

He said he had placed some wooden slabs on the cart to make the session comfortable.

Two bags carrying some household items were used as a cushion to rest the back on, he said, adding that the idea was to make the trip as affordable, comfortable and safe as possible to travel nearly 600 kms.

His wife said that her husband was an “excellent driver ” and the journey was “tiring and bone jerker especially where the roads were bad”.

The family said they would stop to eat and drink water. The sun was very hard, so we tried to travel when it was a little cold. Gita said resting at night was also risky.

By the grace of God we have come home safely, but we would never go out to work in the big cities, he promised.