Pakistan's Covid-19 count rises to 38,300

ISLAMABAD: The number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Pakistan it crossed 38,300 on Friday as deaths from the disease rose to 822.

It has been the most affected province with 14,920 crown cases, followed by the most populated province in the country, where the confirmed number of cases increased to 13,917.

A report published by the United Nations has named Pakistan among the 10 countries where deaths from preventable diseases in children under five could rise by almost 45% over the next six months as the pandemic could divert scarce health resources.

A record jump has been seen in Covid-19 cases in Pakistan only days after the reopening of markets, as blatant violation of the government’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) continued despite repeated warnings by the relevant authorities and sealing of some overcrowded shopping areas.

Dr. Zafar Mirza, special health aide to Prime Minister Imran Khan, said the government will make wearing facial masks mandatory in public places. Until now, the government has recommended that people wear masks when visiting public places. However, we have now decided to make it mandatory as the blockages have been alleviated. We will issue a notification about it, ”he said.

At a televised press conference on Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said people will have to mentally prepare to live with the virus.

“From now on until the end of the year, make up your mind that you will have to live with the crown. We will have to live with that until we have a vaccine, he said.