Fans learn tricks of the trade from India's best rowers

CHENNAI: The Course COVID-19 lockdown has moved athletes indoors, most of them managing to turn the tables on these limitations and creating new ways to train and maintain high levels of fitness. Without access to the outdoors, people are reinventing the way they play sports with the resources available to them at home, and to that end, they have spilled their creative juices.

The best-known Indian in the county was seen on Friday. Table tennis players - Manika Batra and Sathiyan Gnanasekaran - engage with fans on Twitter and shared interesting tips and tricks. Both the players also interacted with fans through Twitter Q&asandansweredquestionsontheservice.manikasharedherquarantineroutine,herfavouritebollywoodactorsandgaveanencouragingmessageforyoungplayers.sathiyan,ontheotherhand,answeredquestionsonplayershefollows,hisfavouritechildhoodcartoonandrevealedthathewouldlovetohaveamatchwithmasterblastersachintendulkar.

Manika was pleased to be able to converse with her fans on how to stay fit at this hour. โ€œIt feels great to engage with people during this lockdown. Twitter is a great place to have conversations and I am glad that we are able to spread and create awareness about staying fit while at home through the service. I hope this will motivate fans to stay positive and active during these difficult times,โ€ she said.

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