Result stress: teenage girl reunited with family

AHMEDABAD: Scared About Her During The Board Exam Of Class 10, A 14-year-old Vapi Girl Had Left Her Home And Stranded In Chiloda In Gandhinagar When She Forgot Everything About Her Identity And Parents. She Is Finally Reunited With Her Family On Sunday, Police Officers Said.

When The Police Of Chiloda Police Station In Gandhingar Routinely Patrolled Near Chiloda, They Found A Girl There. The Girl Trembled From Fear. When The Police Asked About Her, She Couldn't Even Say Anything.

She Was Later Transferred To The Chiloda Police Station, Where She Received Tea And Snacks Offered By Female Police. But She Kept Repeating That She Knew Nothing And It Was Assumed That She Suffered From Dementia.

The Police Then Took The Help Of A Rescuer Who Asked Why The Girl Was Scared And If She Was Scared. After Intensive Counseling, The Girl Told The Counselor And The Female Police That She Was Afraid Of Poor Results During Class 10. Exam After She Understood That She Did Not Have To Be Afraid Of Exam Results And That She Would Have More Chances In The Future To Perform Well, The Girl Started Reminding Her Of Everything And Told Her The Police.

At The Same Time, The Police Searched The Parents And Relatives Of The Girl On Social Media And Sent Her Photo. Eventually, Her Parents Approached The Chiloda Police On Saturday And Took Custody Of The Girl After Police Verification.

Chiloda Police Inspector & R Vaghela Said The Police Checked Person's Proof Of Identity, Claiming To Be The Girl's Guardian, And Was Submitted To Them Only.

The Girl Left Home About Three Days Ago And Landed In Chiloda, Probably In A Bus. The Girl Was Still Not Emotionally Strong Enough To Tell How She Reached There. A Police Officer Said They Felt Grateful Because They Could Reunite The Girl Before Taking An Extreme Step Or Getting Stuck In The Web Of Some Anti-social Element.