Covid-19 account violates the four-digit mark in Bihar

PATNA: The count breached the four-digit mark on Friday after at least six people tested positive for the new coronavirus, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the state to 1,005, a senior official said. According to the chief health secretary, Sanjay Kumar, five of the cases were reported, while one person tested positive in Siwan. They are all adult males.

The state had reported its first two cases on March 22, and the count crossed the 100 mark on April 19.

The sharp increase in incidence since then has been attributed, to some extent, to the influx of migrants who have returned to their places of origin en masse, by 'Shramik Special' trains or rented vehicles.

The Bihar Health Department calculated the number of migrants with positive results between May 4 and May 15 (until 10 a.m.) at 358.

A total of 2.46 lakh people have arrived in the state on the rail route, since the first Bihar-bound 'Shramik Special' arrived in Danapur on May 2, authorities said.

Government officials who come into close contact with infected people have also been found to be vulnerable to infection. The department confirmed Friday that a young IAS officer from the 2017 batch, posted on, was among those who tested positive Tuesday.

In addition, more than 30 police officers tested positive throughout the state, 21 of them from the 14th Battalion of the Bihar Military Police in the town of Khajpura in Patna , where a chain of infection was triggered with more than 20 Bijli Gali residents down a lane that tested positive last month.

However, Bihar boasts of a good recovery rate and a low mortality rate.

As of Friday morning, the number of people who recovered was 412. Only seven people died, most of them with comorbidities, the figure is a small fraction of deaths across the country, although the state comprises 10 percent of the country's population.

The number of samples analyzed so far is 43,371, the department said. With the recent outbreak, Prime Minister Nitish Kumar It has been making efforts to dramatically increase the daily average of tests by currently around 1,800 samples to 10,000 or more.