The president's soccer jersey irritates the leader of the Brazilian club

The head of a progressive football club of Brazil The impoverished Northeast expressed concern on Thursday when he saw his team's shirt worn by the country's far-right president on the same day the death toll from the coronavirus reached 10,000.

Jair Bolsonaro wore Bay The red, white and blue striped shirt while riding a jet ski on a lake in the capital Brasilia on Saturday.

"Of course, it was bad seeing the Bay shirt linked to that moment," club president Guilherme Bellintani he said to a local radio station.

"But I can’t condemn the president of the republic. Our fans vote for A, B or C. I can’t condemn people specifically. I have to fight for causes and that is what Bay have done."

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El club of primera división ha ganado admiradores en todo el mundo con campañas progresivas destinadas a combatir el sexismo y el racismo y atraer a los partidarios LGBT.

Bolsonaro, who often wears football shirts in public, has consistently downplayed the coronavirus and this week encouraged businesses to reopen.