PM Modi analyzes the situation of Covid-19 and the vaccine to cure it with Bill Gates

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and philanthropist Bill Gates discussed Thursday the global response to Covid-19 and the importance of global coordination in scientific innovation and research to combat the pandemic.

During a video conference, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Co-Chair Bill Gates and Prime Minister Modi agreed that, given India's willingness and ability to contribute to global efforts, it was important that New Delhi be included in global discussions to coordinate responses to the pandemic.

Modi also underlined the conscious approach that India has taken in its fight against the health crisis.

I had extensive interaction with @BillGates. We discussed topics ranging from India's efforts to fight the coronavirus, @gatesfoundation's work in fighting Covid-19, the role of technology, innovation and the production of a vaccine to cure the pandemic, the Prime Minister tweeted. .

An official statement noted that India's approach is based on ensuring public participation through appropriate messages.

Modi explained how the people-centered bottom-up approach has helped gain acceptance for physical detachment, respect for front-line workers, wearing masks, maintaining proper hygiene, and respecting the provisions of blocking.

The Prime Minister also highlighted how some of the past development initiatives taken by the government, such as expanding financial inclusion, strengthening health service delivery in the last mile, popularizing cleanliness and hygiene, drawing on the Ayurvedic wisdom of India to improve people's immunity, they helped increase the effectiveness of India's response to the pandemic.

Modi appreciated the health-related work being done by the Gates Foundation, not only in India but also in many other parts of the world, including to coordinate the global response to Covid-19.

He sought suggestions from Gates on how India's capabilities and capabilities could best be harnessed for the overall benefit of the world.

Some of the ideas that dignitaries explored in this context included the use of India's unique model of last mile health service delivery in rural areas, the dissemination of the effective government-developed contact tracking mobile app, and especially, taking advantage of India's huge pharmaceutical industry. ability to expand production of vaccines and therapeutic products upon discovery. In closing, the Prime Minister also suggested that the Gates Foundation could take the initiative in analyzing the necessary changes in lifestyles, economic organization, social behavior, modes of dissemination of education and medical care, that would emerge in the post-Covid world.

He said that India would be happy to contribute to such an analytical exercise, based on its own experiences.