At UP pay 100 Rs fine if you get caught without a mask

LUCKNOW: Be prepared to pay a Rs 100 fine if you get caught faceless or covered next time. The government has introduced specific fines for not covering one in an attempt to ensure strict compliance with the rule.

On Thursday, the additional chief secretary said that instead of issuing challans, which could take several days to see the result, the CM had recommended spot fines where a person would be fined there and then.

“The district administration and police have been ordered to take action when necessary and to campaign to enforce this rule. The state calls on all people to cover their faces as they leave and practice social distancing to ensure they stay safe from Covid-19, ”said Awasthi.

As there is a high demand for face masks, the CM has said that women and self-help groups should be encouraged to make masks and scarves. This will also provide employment along with ensuring a constant supply of face masks.

The CM has also said that all districts must ensure they have a sufficient number of thermal scanners and ultra-red thermometers, especially with multiple people who regularly enter the state. With the start of the industries, more people were expected to be in public places and the administration should ensure the availability of thermal scanners in public places like offices and markets.

The CM has also said that testing should be increased in the state. From just over 3,000 daily tests in the beginning, the current number of tests carried out each day is approximately 5,000-6,000. This, the CM has said, should be increased to 10,000 tests per day. For incoming migrant workers, group testing must be done.

There will also be a campaign to identify those who have not received the ration and, in case they do not have ration cards, the government must ensure that they are provided with new cards.