Polio migrant leaves Surat to climb on foot, rescued by police

SURAT: Deprived of food and even the means to earn a living from a 38-year-old migrant worker. Mathura Prasad Bind was desperate to return home in the midst of intransigence.

If that wasn't all, a ruthless landlord who knocked on his door every day, asked for rent and threatened to kick him out, only made matters worse for the Bind, who earned his living doing paint work. Things finally settled on Wednesday night when he and five roommates began walking from Surat to an unimaginably arduous 1,258km journey in the heat, even for a non-disabled person.

However, Bind's footprint was a seedier story. He is affected by polio and walked 14 km in 10 hours to get there from Road. But the police officers on duty at the Kamrej crossroads saw him and came to his aid even as his five colleagues marched much further ahead.

“We have been unemployed for more than two months and any savings we have spent on food. I couldn't keep up with my friends as I have to rest frequently, said Bind, who was taken to a foster home and provided food.

“I know my physical limitations, but what can I do? I'm out of money and who will buy me a train ticket? Bind asked, saying that even the food packages had stopped coming in the past 15 days.

Large numbers of migrants are not waiting for adequate transportation facilities and have started walking home, said J B Vanaar, Kamrej police inspector. Those who walk are taken to the foster home established in Kamrej.