$ 1 million in prizes for Carlsen's online chess tour

CHENNAI: Online chess has been the flavor of the season and you are now ready to attract a lot of money with it. Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour, whose first stage was completed on May 3, to offer $ 1 million in prizes. It will be the highest in online chess and the winner of the tour will be richest by $ 450,000.

The second leg of the competition, the Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge, will run from May 19 to June 3 and will feature four main players from the first leg: Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura , Ding Liren and Alireza Firouzja along with eight new players: Wesley So , Alexander Grischuk Sergey Karjakin Levon Aronian Wei Yi Daniil Dubov , Jan-Krzysztof Duda and Yu Yangyi. The top four players from each stage are guaranteed a place in the event after the competition. The final will be played between the winners of the individual events. The event will be hosted at chess24.com.

Despite the world encompassing online events like never before, Carlsen doesn't think it's the norm. Lately, there is definitely a movement in the direction (of online chess), but I think chess on the board will be back soon too. Online and on the board can and should coexist. More tournaments, in general, will benefit both players and fans, the world will not. I told TOI before the launch of the event. It may be hosting the biggest online chess event in history, but Carlsen prefers to leave the organizational side to his team. I cannot say that I am an organizer. I have been very involved in determining the format and choice of participants, but there is a team at chess24.com (which is) organizing the event. My main job is to play, Carlsen said. With the reduction of blocking restrictions in Norway, Carlsen is happy not only to play chess, but also to return to the field. I have missed playing soccer, but fortunately we have been able to start playing again this week, the 29-year-old said.

Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour schedule:

Magnus Carlsen Invitational: Apr 18 - May 3;

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Online Chess Masters: June 20 - July 5;

Legends of Chess: July 21 - August 5;

End of the tour: August 9 - August 20.