The destination address must when booking train tickets

NEW DELHI: India n began taking the destination address of all reservation train tickets starting on Wednesday, which can be useful in tracing contacts, if necessary later. This will be a permanent feature for train travel as India prepares for a long battle against Covid-19.

The Ministry of Railways has also announced that all tickets reserved for normal trains before the end of the travel period until June 30 are canceled. You will have filled the amount of the ticket.

Refund From for those with symptoms

For tickets booked at the counters, passengers can request refunds within six months from the date of travel. Passengers can also cancel reserved tickets from the counters up to 139 or through the IRCTC website and get a refund at the counter within six months of the date of travel.

The ministry had said Wednesday that there will be a full refund of the fare if a passenger is found to have symptoms during the examination. He said that in the case of a group ticket if one of the passengers is unfit and others in the same PNR do not want to travel either, the railways will make a full refund of the total fare.