PCB Open to Appoint Foreign Trainer at Lahore High Performance Center

KARACHI: The Pakistan Cricket Board ( printed circuit board ) on Thursday said he is open to appointing a foreign head coach at his High Performance Center in Lahore

printed circuit board 's newly-appointed Director of High Performance, Nadeem Khan he said that merit and experience would be the main criterion in deciding the individual.

Now, if a foreigner meets the criteria, he will be named. If a Pakistani meets all the eligibility criteria, he will be selected, Nadeem said as he spoke to reporters by video conference.

The former left-arm spinner, who is the older brother of the former Pakistani test captain Moin khan , also made it clear that coaches with a suspicious background or history would not be allowed to work at the High Performance Center .

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We will check the background of all available coaches and if anyone has a suspicious background, they will be released, Nadeem said.

Nadeem, who has replaced the former test multipurpose Mudassar Nazar as the head of the High Performance Center , didn't agree with suggestions that only players with more international experience will be up for reckoning.

This does not need to happen in today's cricket. There are many examples of cricketers who have played little or no international cricket but are still very successful as high-performance coaches or managers, he noted.

Nadeem, 50, who conducted only two tests and as many ODI appearances for Pakistan, also said he would introduce a proper tracking system for players in the country starting at the U-13 level.

We need to have a proper tracking system for all players as we have lost and will continue to lose a lot of good talent because we do not adequately track a player's progress, development, behavior and discipline over the years, he said. .

He also said he did not believe in forcing a fitness culture among players by force.

Physical exercise is something that I think we should make people realize its importance and take care of themselves without anyone having to tell them what to do, Nadeem said.