Tata will update 2 government hospitals in the state to receive treatment with Covid

MUMBAI: The Tata group has begun the process of upgrading two government hospitals in Maharashtra to Covid-19 treatment centers to help authorities fight the virus.

The conglomerate is upgrading a 50-bed hospital in Sangli and a 106-bed health center in Buldhana with plans to deliver them by June 15. The facilities, which will include inpatient and outpatient wings, will be permanent units for medical care in the area even after the pandemic has ended. In addition to the two hospitals, the group, through Tata Projects, is establishing five health services in Mumbai.

The conglomerate, including controlling shareholder Tata Trusts, had promised Rs 1.5 billion to fight that it has impacted lives and businesses. Hospitals in Sangli and Buldhana will be equipped with critical care capabilities, minor operating rooms, basic pathology and radiology, dialysis facilities, and blood and telemedicine storage units, it said in a statement.

In Mumbai, the group has transformed the two 65-bed KEM Hospital wards and converted its orthopedic center into a 115-bed isolation center. He has completed a 100-bed facility at St George Hospital. It is also completing the 70-bed and 300-bed facilities at the HBT Center in Jogeshwari and the Seven Hills Hospital in Marol; and is establishing a 75-bed ICU cum isolation facility at the Tata Memorial Center in Kharghar. Elsewhere in the country, the Tata group is improving/establishing health care facilities in Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Bengaluru and Noida.

The conglomerate is upgrading a 168-bed health center in Gautam Buddha Nagar and a 106-bed facility in Gonda, both state units located in Uttar Pradesh, at Covid-19 treatment centers. It is building a 500-bed Covid-19 hospital in Kasaragod, Kerala, which reported 26 recent infections Thursday. Work has begun on the installation of a 200-bed quarantine facility at TCS's Noida facility. This is expected to be completed in late June. It has developed facilities for 288 general ward beds, 36 ICU beds and 36 private ward beds at Rudrapur Medical College in Uttarakhand, in addition to establishing a 20-bed facility at Sir CV Raman General Hospital in Bangalore.

These movements follow the president of Tata Trusts Ratan Tata The declaration that urgent emergency resources must be deployed to meet the needs of fighting the Covid-19 crisis, which is one of the most difficult challenges that the human race will face.