Jharkhand government organizes 56 more trains to bring stranded people back

RANCHI: He has arranged 56 more to bring back people from the state stranded in different parts of the country due to forced confinement by coronavirus, a senior official said Thursday.

So far, a total of 44 trains have brought 50,028 students, and others from different parts of the country since May 1, following the protocol established by the Center, said Amrendra Pratap Singh, the state's nodal officer at Covid-19 .

Transportation secretary Ravi Kumar said about 30,000 people arrived in the state on buses from different parts of the country.

In addition, permits for private vehicles have been issued and so far 1.04,403 applications have been received, authorities said, adding that processing of 95 percent of them began.

Efforts were made to make people, especially those returning to the state, aware of the precautionary measures regarding Covid-19 through village chiefs, anganwadi workers and members of school committees, Amitabh Kaushal said , secretary of the Department of Disaster Management.