We will not disappoint people: Rahul Gandhi on migrants

NEW DELHI: In the midst of the migration crisis, leader Rahul Gandhi Extended support to people who walk home.

He said that in the dark and in difficult times, keep your strength and we will not disappoint you. We will raise your voice so that the government listens to it, since they are not ordinary citizens but they are self-respect of the nation and we will not disappoint you.

Congress lashed out at the government for not giving priority to migrants who walk the roads.

While the Secretary General of Congress Priyanka gandhi He said this is the greatest human tragedy and people walk the hungry streets with their children and loved ones. People die on the highways and roads.

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He demanded that the UP government should start using 20,000 buses so that these people can get to their homes safely.

"All the city and district units of the Congress will help these people with full might as this is time of service and Congress workers should stand with the countrymen," added Priyanka gandhi .