More Indians prefer owning their own car due to Covid concerns: report

NEW DELHI: As the pandemic refuses to subside and concerns about the infection are likely to linger in the coming months, more and more urban Indians are choosing to have a staff, according to an Ipsos survey.

Ipsos COVID 19 Impact on Auto Global Study shows that there is likely to be good news about the anvil, especially for India. At least 40 percent of shoppers said they are more likely to buy a new or used car, after the coronavirus crisis and 31 percent of shoppers will have no change in shopper intent, and are likely to buy the same as before, he said.

However, 29 percent of people travel with caution and are less likely to buy a new or used car, he said.

Safety and security is the main factor driving potential buyers to buy a vehicle now.

Once the restrictions are removed, we are likely to see consumers taking precautions and distancing themselves from and choosing personal vehicles for mobility and more buying intentions choosing to buy personal vehicles, and it is something that consumers will do to safeguard your own health and safety, says Executive Director and Mobility Development, Ipsos India.