Gyanendra Pandey is now a representative of Uttarakhand at ICA

MUMBAI: Gyanendra Pandey , whose four-year term as India's junior chief coach recently ended, is now the men's representative of the Uttarakhand Cricket Association (UCA) in the Indian Cricket Association (ICA)

Pandey played two ODIs for India in the 1990s and led Uttar Pradesh in the country. Cricket from 1988 to 2006. "Since there's no former Cricket er from Uttarakhand currently (the hilly state started playing in the senior tournaments of domestic Cricket only from 2018), we decided to nominate Pandey as their representative," ICA president Ashok Malhotra , a former India hitter and coach, told TOI on Thursday.

Pandey and Rakesh Parikh , who were named national youth teams in 2016, were informed on Tuesday by the BCCI that they had a good tenure, and that they won't be paid for their services in March and April. With the national lockdown still on, the BCCI hasn't yet started the process of replacing these two selectors.

Nistha Pharashi is the UCA Women's Representative at ICA.

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