I would do the homework at the end of the summer holidays, Virat Kohli recalls

MUMBAI: Team India Pattern Virat Kohli she has asked children to give equal importance to studies and sports. In an interaction with children on a television show, the 'treadmill' recalled how she would become stressed when her homework It would still be pending after the holiday break.

I used to play Cricket 90 per cent of the time during my summer vacation, while I used to give 10 per cent for other sports like badminton, football and basketball. Apart from watching cartoons, I used to complete my holiday homework every day. To do homework daily was quite necessary, because on a couple of occasions I had experienced that my homework was pending during entire vacations and had to do it at the end vacations. This creates a lot of stress," Kohli told Mumbai's Atharva Mayure, while replying to the 12-year-old budding Cricket er's question on Star Sports' show 'Cricket Connected' last Sunday.

Apart from Atharva, eight other kids, from Sydney, London, Singapore, Chennai, Goa and Udaipur interacted with Kohli. Talking about his routine in school, the Indian Pattern said: "When I was 12, I used to play from January to December. After my school, I used to go straight to my academy. Then, I'd head home and complete my homework . This was my routine. We used to not have matches during exams, but whenever I got a chance, I used to make sure I head towards practice."

Recalling how he used to look forward to the summer holidays, Kohli said: On the last day of school, when you know that the holidays have started, I used to go home, throw the bag, take a good bath, and lie down on the cold floor. You feel like the burden of going to school for so many days is being released now. I will never forget the feeling of the first day of vacation.

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