To verify the feasibility of resuming the export of disinfectants, the Center asks states about production capacity

NEW DELHI: To examine the feasibility of resuming the export of alcohol-based hand sanitizer amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the central drug controller has asked states and Union territories to submit by Friday to noon details on their capacity and whether they meet domestic demand.

On May 6, the government banned exports of alcohol-based hand sanitizer to ensure its presence in the domestic market as new cases skyrocketed in the country.

In a letter to the State and UT Drug Controllers on Wednesday, the General Drug Controller of India (DCGI) sought details of the hand sanitizer manufacturers, including their names and addresses, average production capacity and Average actual monthly production in April 2020.

The DGCI has also tried to find out if companies are complying with the request for internal supply and if manufacturers have an adequate supply and easy availability of raw materials such as ethanol and isopropyl alcohol.

In view of the current situation due to the outbreak of COVID-19 to assess the current production situation, the sufficiency of availability in the domestic market and the excess production (if any) of hand sanitizer to examine its viability for export purposes , is requested to provide the following information on the manufacturing details of the hand sanitizer ... the letter said.

Additionally, based on your assessment, you are also asked to report whether companies have sufficient availability of hand sanitizer in your state/UT. If companies are producing a hand sanitizer in quantity greater than demand (required for the domestic market in India) then the issue can be examined for their consideration of export feasibility, the letter said.

Drug controllers from state and Union territory were asked to email the information by noon on May 15.

The death toll from COVID-19 rose to 2,549 and the number of cases rose to 78,003 on Thursday, according to the.