Covid-19 death toll increases to 2,549; number of cases crosses the 78,000 mark in the country: Ministry of Health

NEW DELHI: The number of deaths from Covid-19 rose to 2,549 and the number of cases rose to 78,003 on Thursday, registering an increase of 134 deaths and 3,722 cases in the last 24 hours from Wednesday at 8 am, according to the.

The number of active Covid-19 cases was 49,219, while 26,234 people recovered and one patient migrated, he said.

Thus, about 33.63 percent of patients have recovered so far, said a senior health ministry official.

The total of confirmed cases also includes.

A total of 134 deaths were reported since Wednesday morning, of which 54 were in Maharashtra, 29 in Gujarat, 20 in Delhi, 9 in West Bengal, seven in Madhya Pradesh, four in Rajasthan, three in Tamil Nadu, two in Telangana and Karnataka and one in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh.

Of the 2,549 deaths, Maharashtra tops the count with 975 deaths, Gujarat is second with 566 deaths, followed by Madhya Pradesh in 232, West Bengal in 207, Rajasthan in 121, Delhi in 106, Uttar Pradesh in 83, Tamil Nadu in 64 and Andhra Pradesh at 47.

The death toll reached 34 Telangana, 33 in Karnataka and 32 in Punjab. Haryana and Jammu and Kashmir have reported 11 deaths each due to respiratory disease, while Bihar has recorded seven and Kerala has reported four deaths.

Jharkhand, Chandigarh and Odisha have recorded three Covid-19 deaths each, while Himachal Pradesh and Assam have reported two deaths each. Meghalaya, Uttarakhand and Puducherry have each reported one death, according to ministry data.

According to the ministry's website, more than 70 percent of deaths are due to comorbidities.

According to data from the Ministry of Health updated in the morning, the largest number of confirmed cases in the country is Maharashtra with 25,922 followed by Gujarat with 9,267, Tamil Nadu with 9,227, Delhi with 7,998, Rajasthan with 4,328, Madhya Pradesh with 4,173 and Uttar Pradesh at 3,729.

The number of Covid-19 cases has increased to 2,290 in West Bengal, 2,137 in Andhra Pradesh and 1,924 in Punjab.

It has increased to 1,367 in Telangana, 971 in Jammu and Kashmir, 959 in Karnataka, 940 in Bihar and 793 in Haryana.

Kerala has reported 534 cases so far, while Odisha has 538 cases. A total of 187 people have been infected with the virus in Chandigarh and 173 in Jharkhand.

Tripura has reported 155 cases, Assam has 80 cases, Uttarakhand has 72, Himachal Pradesh has 66 cases, Chhattisgarh has 59, and Ladakh has registered 43 cases so far.

Thirty-three cases of Covid-19 have been reported from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Meghalaya and Puducherry have recorded 13 cases each, while Goa has seven Covid-19 cases.

Manipur has two cases. Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Dadar and Nagar Haveli have each reported one case as to how.

Our figures are being reconciled with him, the ministry said on its website.

Distribution at the state level is subject to further verification and reconciliation, he said.