Government launches contact tracking application for JioPhones in virus battle

NEW DELHI: India's Ministry of Technology said Thursday that it had released a version of its Bluetooth contact tracking app for 5 million, the cheap internet devices sold by Trusted industries ’Telecommunications unit.

The government was ready to launch a version of its Aarogya Setu coronavirus contact tracking app for JioPhones in a matter of days as it seeks to increase the reach of the system, Reuters reported last week.

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India, which imposed the world's largest shutdown in late March to combat the spread of the coronavirus, last month launched the Aarogya Setu (Health Bridge) app, a Bluetooth and GPS-based app that alerts users who may have been in contact with people who then test positive for COVID-19

The app, which was now downloaded by 100 million people in the country, was initially available only on Android devices from Google and Apple.